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Many students have asked that we "assign" flex time dates during the internal medicine clerkship.  Due to the variety of rotation schedules on the medicine teaching services (some admit every four days, some every two, etc.), there are currently no specifically assigned flex time dates in internal medicine.  This is to avoid scheduling flex time on admitting dates.  If we were to assign dates, some students would not have the opportunity to admit for a whole week!


Students are welcome to schedule flex time on any date(s) they desire provided the following are true: 1) their team is not admitting that day and 2) there are no required educational sessions they would miss because of the flex time.  We encourage students to touch base with their team to ensure they will not miss other service-specific educational opportunities (e.g. tumor board, conferences) if they wish to attend them.  Students are allowed to take flex time once every four-week period; therefore, for academic year 2021, this means that students may take two flex time dates over their six-week internal medicine clerkship.


Of note, flex time has been a feature of the internal medicine clerkship for years and residents/faculty are expecting students to take this time.  Please DO schedule your flex time.  Taking this time will not affect your grade or standing with your team.  If you encounter any resistance to taking flex time, please contact Drs. Dunne and Gielissen.

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